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Another site by the people that brought you www.sellingnothing.com

Wait for the page to load, it might change your life. Do link up to this site to support my work, it helps with the ranking of this site ;)

Welcome to Leaving Legacy

It’s hard when you lose someone. It’s even harder when it is a loved one. We reminisce of the times spent together. We remember the footprint that was left by them on our lives. An inspiration, a hope, a dream, memories.

This site aids to remind us of the lasting testimony that we would want to leave behind.

This site has two categories:

As the name says you can create an A4 sized memorial image as shown below. It can serve as a reminder of what are you striving for in your life, the kind of legacy you want to be remembered for.

Example (click image for larger view):

People can write in testimonials regarding losing a loved one. For instance, how they grieved, the obstacles they faced, how they cope, the legacies left behind or simply use this as a memorial. These testimonials will then be used to encourage others going through the same situation.


This site is solely a community service which I have started which is done on my own free time at my own free will. I have a printed legacy on my wall which reminds me everyday of the purpose I work, the purpose I live and what I want people to remember my by.

There is no service charge for what I am doing, however if you feel that this service which I am providing is a good thing feel free to donate to me as a form of encouragement. I'm only doing this at times when I am free. Currently I am unemployed but I've been working on a business plan. For more details read my story.

Thank you once again for visiting this site. Do tell your friends about this site for I truly believe that if one man can make a difference in the world, imagine if there are hundreds or thousands! It's for the greater good.

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